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Splunk X McLaren: Winning F122 Esports with DATA!!!

McLaren’s Shadow Esports team has worked over the last several years in partnership with Splunk to bring data to F1 esports like never before. Join this live webinar to hear how McLaren leveraged their decades of racing expertise in partnership with technologists at Splunk to develop similar data-driven insights to help improve driver performance, pit strategy and overall race results. You’ll hear how Splunk developed custom data collection capabilities for these digital racing platforms to feed real time racing telemetry data into the Splunk platform to help deliver the competitive advantage McLaren knew lay hidden in data.

In this session, we discuss:

How McLaren leveraged their racing heritage to lead in a digital native arena
The journey McLaren Shadow embarked on with Splunk to glean insights from dark data
Why McLaren continues to lean on Splunk’s Observability capabilities for competitive advantage in a digital-first economy
Splunk is more to McLaren than a sponsor with a sticker on that beautiful F1 car. Splunk is a true technology partner helping McLaren use Observability to develop a competitive advantage in F1 Esports and beyond!